5 Days to 
Tack Sharp Photos
Struggling to set your settings quick enough to get that candid moment? Maybe you get the settings ready but realize you missed the shot because the kids were moving so fast.

I've been there. I remember the frustrations and trying to figure out if it's me or the camera. Why weren't my images in focus? You spend so much time trying to figure out your settings only to see your photos have fallen flat.

Or worse...they look sharp on the back of your camera but once you get home and upload to your computer you see the focal point fell somewhere else and your image is not tack sharp.

Stop dreading the group photo or the ones of your kids or pets moving quickly. Instead, learn which settings you need to adjust and why to make sure your images are sharp.

What You Will Learn:

  Learn the exact settings you need to use to get sharp photos, no matter how many people are in the image

  Get your kids in focus even when they are moving fast

  How to get the whole family in focus

  Where to put your focal point when shooting group shots

  Set your settings quick enough to get that candid moment

  And more...

Join me Feb 22-26th! 

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